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DDU Postal Delivery

Direct Mail Companies for Car Dealers

Budget Direct Mail has been delivering your mail to each individual DDU post office for many years. We take pride in changing the most common doubt dealers have about Direct Mail Companies for Car Dealers. Some dealers wonder if all their mail they paid for is actually being produced and delivered as promised. Usually the dealer has a gut feeling he is riding on until those first few mailers crest the front door. “But we give you postal receipts” they say!!! Do you still wonder??…. Budget Direct Mail brings your mail directly to the dealership first, then we hand deliver each bag to your local DDU post offices. Now, dealers can actually see what 40,000-60,000 mailers look like. This gives us full control on the timing that each bag hits your local postal area. We erase all doubt that the mail is out!!! Contact one of the most prominent Direct Mail Companies for Car Dealers around.