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Technology continues to impress us with new avenues of tracking your customers such as BDC, Purls, Texting, Email, and QR codes. These services make sure none of your leads get missed and provide full control over each lead, where it came from, and how they reacted to your mailer. Anyone can sell you “direct mail”…but only with Budget Direct does your mail become “Intelligent”. Your personalized account team will break down your postmaster carrier routes to specific neighborhoods sending the message to the right customers while saving money on postage by using saturation or your dedicated team will provide you with about any list your mind can conceive. We deliver your mail directly to each local DDU post office so every bag of mail is easily traceable from the DDU to the customer. This extra step of delivering to the DDU insures the timeliness of the drops and that your traffic is consistent. After 12 years of doing Events we have truly mastered how to control your mail, and the solution is less hands that touch your mail the better. We have found that having relationships with your local DDU employees is very beneficial.

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